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Home » Playstation Network Error Code CE-32894-6 – How to Fix & Troubleshoot

Playstation Network Error Code CE-32894-6 – How to Fix & Troubleshoot

In this article, I will discuss the Playstation Network error code CE-32894-6 and provide solutions for fixing and troubleshooting this issue.

Identifying the Causes

To identify the causes of PlayStation Network Error Code CE-32894-6, first check your internet connection and ensure it is stable. Next, verify if the PlayStation Network servers are up and running. Additionally, examine your router settings to see if any ports are blocked that may be causing the error. It’s also important to make sure your PlayStation 4’s firmware is up to date. If the issue persists, consider contacting your Internet Service Provider to troubleshoot any network issues.

For a quick fix, try restarting your modem and router to refresh the connection.

Updating System Software

To fix Playstation Network Error Code CE-32894-6, one potential solution is to update the system software on your PlayStation 4. This can help resolve any compatibility issues that may be causing the error.

To update the system software, go to the settings menu on your PlayStation 4 and select “System Software Update.” Make sure your console is connected to the internet, as the update will be downloaded from the PlayStation Network servers.

Once the update is downloaded and installed, restart your console and check if the error has been resolved. Updating the system software regularly can also help prevent future errors and improve system performance.

Modifying Network Settings

  • Check Internet Connection:
    • Make sure your internet connection is stable and working properly.
    • Restart your modem and router to refresh the connection.
    • Try connecting to a different network to see if the issue persists.
  • Update Network Settings:
    • Go to the Settings menu on your PlayStation console.
    • Select Network and then Set Up Internet Connection.
    • Choose either Wi-Fi or LAN cable depending on your connection type.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to update your network settings.
  • Check DNS Settings:
    • Go to Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection on your PS4.
    • Choose Custom and select Automatic for IP Address Settings.
    • For DNS Settings, choose Manual and enter the following DNS addresses: Primary DNS:, Secondary DNS:
    • Save the settings and test the connection to see if the issue is resolved.

Resetting to Default Settings

To reset your Playstation Network settings to default, first go to the Settings menu on your PS4. From there, select “Initialization” and then choose “Restore Default Settings.” This will reset all system settings back to their factory defaults, including network settings.

If you are still experiencing the CE-32894-6 error code after resetting to default settings, you may need to check your internet connection. Make sure your router is properly connected and that you have a stable internet connection.

If the issue persists, you may need to contact your Internet Service Provider to ensure that there are no issues with your connection. Additionally, you can try restarting your router or checking for any firmware updates that may be available.

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