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Firefox URL Redirector

Introducing the Firefox URL Redirector: Seamlessly navigate the web with enhanced efficiency

Clear your browser cache: Sometimes, browser cache can cause redirects. To fix this issue in Firefox, go to the menu, select Options, then Privacy & Security, and click on Clear Data. Make sure to check the “Cached Web Content” option and then click on Clear.

Description and Tribute

The Firefox URL Redirector is a powerful browser extension that allows you to easily redirect URLs and customize your browsing experience. With this extension, you can redirect specific URLs or entire domains to your desired destination. Simply enter the URL you want to redirect and the destination URL in the extension’s settings, and you’re good to go. You can also use regular expressions and wildcards to create more complex redirection patterns. Whether you want to skip annoying ad pages, customize your favorite websites, or improve your productivity, the Firefox URL Redirector has got you covered.

We would like to express our gratitude to Einar Egilsson, the developer behind the Firefox URL Redirector extension. Einar’s dedication and generosity have made browsing the web a better experience for countless users. His work on this extension has saved us from countless redirects, improved our privacy, and enhanced our overall browsing experience. We are truly grateful for his contributions to the Firefox community. Thank you, Einar, for your kindness and for creating such a valuable tool.

Download Links and Examples

  • Download Firefox URL Redirector – Get the powerful extension that enhances your browsing experience
  • Example 1: Redirecting Google Search – Learn how to use the extension to automatically redirect Google searches to your preferred search engine
  • Example 2: Customizing URL Redirects – Discover how to redirect specific website URLs to your desired destinations
  • Support and FAQs – Find answers to common questions and troubleshoot any issues you may encounter
    Example 2: Customizing URL Redirects - Discover how to redirect specific website URLs to your desired destinations
Support and FAQs - Find answers to common questions and troubleshoot any issues you may encounter
  • Join the Firefox Community – Engage with fellow users, share your experiences, and get inspired by others

De-mobilizer and AMP redirect

To use De-mobilizer, simply install the browser extension and it will automatically detect and remove mobile redirects from websites. This is especially useful when you’re browsing on your desktop and don’t want to be redirected to a mobile version of the site.

AMP redirect, on the other hand, is designed to redirect AMP pages to their original URL. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a technology that improves the loading speed of web pages on mobile devices. However, sometimes you may want to view the original version of the page instead of the AMP version. With AMP redirect, you can easily do that.

Both De-mobilizer and AMP redirect are available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. They are open-source projects hosted on Github by Einar Egilsson. So if you want to contribute or report any issues, you can find the code and documentation on Github.

Install these extensions and enjoy a faster and more streamlined browsing experience without unnecessary redirects.

Fun with !bangs and Dark Theme

With the Firefox URL Redirector add-on, you can easily redirect URLs and enhance your browsing experience. !Bangs allow you to search directly on popular websites like Google, Wikipedia, and Github – just type “!g” or “!w” before your search query.

To get started, install the Firefox URL Redirector add-on from the Mozilla Firefox add-ons store. Once installed, you can customize your redirection patterns in the add-on’s settings. Use regex patterns to match URLs and redirect them anywhere you want.

For example, if you want to redirect “” to another URL, simply enter the pattern and the redirect URL. You can also use wildcards to redirect multiple URLs at once.

The add-on also provides a Dark Theme option for those who prefer a darker browsing experience. To enable it, go to the add-on’s settings and toggle on the Dark Theme switch.

Enjoy the convenience of !bangs and the visual appeal of Dark Theme with the Firefox URL Redirector add-on.

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