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Forza Horizon 4 PC Xbox Controller Not Working Fix

Having trouble getting your Xbox controller to work on Forza Horizon 4 for PC? Let’s discuss some potential fixes.

Update Controller Driver

Xbox controller being plugged into a PC

To update your controller driver for your PC Xbox controller not working in Forza Horizon 4, follow these steps:

1. Right-click on the Start menu and select Device Manager.
2. Locate and expand the section for Human Interface Devices.
3. Right-click on your Xbox controller and select Update driver.
4. Choose to Search automatically for updated driver software.
5. Restart your computer and launch Forza Horizon 4 to see if the controller is now working properly.

Check Hide DS4 Option

  • Open DS4Windows software.
  • Click on the Settings tab.
  • Check the “Hide DS4 Controller” option.
  • Save the settings and restart the DS4Windows software.
  • Try using the Xbox controller in Forza Horizon 4 again.

Enable Steam Overlay Feature

To enable the Steam Overlay feature for Forza Horizon 4 on PC when using an Xbox controller, follow these steps. First, open Steam and go to Settings. Under the In-Game tab, check the box next to “Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game. ” Next, launch Forza Horizon 4 through Steam. Press Shift + Tab while in-game to bring up the Steam Overlay. This will allow you to access Steam features while playing the game with your Xbox controller.

This simple fix can enhance your gaming experience and provide more functionality.

Understand msvcp110.dll File Importance

Understanding the importance of the msvcp110.dll file is crucial for fixing the Forza Horizon 4 PC Xbox Controller not working issue. This file is essential for the proper functioning of certain software and games on your computer.

If you are experiencing issues with your Xbox controller not working on Forza Horizon 4, one possible solution is to ensure that the msvcp110.dll file is present and properly installed on your system.

To fix this problem, you can try reinstalling the msvcp110.dll file by downloading it from a reliable source and placing it in the appropriate directory on your computer.


How do I get Forza to recognize my controller?

To get Forza to recognize your controller, you can try unchecking the hide DS4 controller option in settings and use DS4 Windows software to adjust settings if needed.

Does Forza Horizon 4 have controller support on PC?

Forza Horizon 4 does have controller support on PC.

Why is my PC game not recognizing my Xbox controller?

Your PC game may not be recognizing your Xbox controller due to interference caused by USB devices. Try removing all accessories from your Xbox or PC, restarting the system, and then reconnecting the controller to see if that resolves the issue.

Why won’t my Xbox controller work on my PC?

Your Xbox controller may not work on your PC due to a corrupted or missing driver, incompatible USB cable, or issues with the USB port on your computer. Try connecting the controller to a USB port on the back of your PC to troubleshoot the problem.

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