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Fix SCCM Application Deployment Error 0x87D00607

In this article, I will discuss how to fix the SCCM application deployment error 0x87D00607.

Overview of SCCM Application Installation Issues

When encountering SCCM application deployment error 0x87D00607, it can be due to various installation issues such as incorrect configurations or network problems.

To troubleshoot this error, check the application deployment status in the SCCM console to identify any specific errors or warnings.

Next, review the client logs on the target computer to gather more information on the installation process and any potential errors.

Ensure that the target computer has the necessary permissions, network connectivity, and firewall settings configured correctly for the application deployment to be successful.

Network and HTTP Configuration for SCCM

Network Configuration HTTP Configuration
Ensure that the SCCM server is properly connected to the network and has a stable internet connection. Configure the SCCM server to use HTTP instead of HTTPS for client communication. This can be done by adjusting the site properties in the SCCM console.
Check for any network issues such as firewalls blocking communication or DNS resolution problems. Ensure that the HTTP ports (typically port 80) are open and accessible on both the SCCM server and the client machines.
Make sure that the SCCM server has sufficient bandwidth to handle client communication and application deployment. Verify that the SCCM client agents are properly configured to use HTTP for communication with the server.

Configuration Manager Console Settings

SCCM Configuration Manager Console Settings

To access the Configuration Manager Console Settings, open the Configuration Manager console. Click on the Administration tab and select Sites. Right-click on your site and choose Configure Site Components. Select Software Distribution and click on the Properties tab. Look for the Deployment tab and ensure that the Deployment options are set correctly.

If needed, adjust the settings and click OK to save changes. Double check that all settings are configured properly before attempting to deploy applications again. This should help resolve the error 0x87D00607 in the SCCM application deployment process.

Firewall and Source File Solutions

Firewall and Source File Solutions: Ensure that the firewall on both the client and server side allows traffic for SCCM application deployment. Check the source file location to confirm it is accessible by the client. If the error persists, consider rebuilding the application package. Review the SCCM logs for more specific error details. Double-check the deployment settings in SCCM to ensure they are configured correctly.

If necessary, consult Microsoft documentation for further troubleshooting steps.


How do I fix error code 0x87D00607?

To fix error code 0x87D00607, ensure boundary groups are enabled on the Distribution Point, verify client IPs are included in the boundary group, check firewall settings for required ports, and review the appenforce.log on the client machine.

What is error code 0x87D01107?

Error code 0x87D01107 indicates a failure to access all the provided program locations during the download process.

How to fix 0x87D00324 (- 2016410844)?

To fix error 0x87D00324 (-2016410844), select the application, go to the deployment types tab, update content, correct the detection method, and then check the client computer to ensure the error no longer appears.

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