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MPG Files Not Playing: Solutions for Windows, MacOS, Google Drive, USB TV

Having trouble playing MPG files on your Windows, MacOS, Google Drive, or USB TV? Here are some solutions to help you get them working smoothly.

Understanding MPG Files and Playback Issues

MPG files are a popular video file format created by the Moving Picture Experts Group. When encountering playback issues on Windows, MacOS, Google Drive, or USB TVs, there are several solutions you can try.

For Windows users: Ensure you have the latest version of Windows Media Player installed. If the file still won’t play, try using VLC media player, a versatile media player software that supports a wide range of file formats.

MacOS users: Use QuickTime Player to open MPG files. If you encounter issues, try converting the file to a different format using software like HandBrake.

Google Drive and USB TV users: Make sure your device supports MPG files for playback. If not, consider converting the file to a more compatible format like MP4.

Common Reasons for Playback Failure

  • Make sure you have the latest version of the video player software installed on your device.
  • If not, visit the official website of the software and download the latest version.
  • Follow the installation instructions to update the software on your device.

Check for Codec Compatibility

  • Verify that the MPG file uses a compatible codec with your video player software.
  • If not, download and install the necessary codec pack from a trusted source.
  • Restart your video player software and try playing the MPG file again.

Clear Temporary Files

  • Open File Explorer by pressing Windows key + E.
  • Navigate to the temporary files folder by entering %temp% in the address bar.
  • Select all temporary files and delete them by pressing Shift + Delete.

Restart Your Device

  • Save any open files and close all running applications.
  • Click on the Start menu and select Restart.
  • Wait for your device to restart and try playing the MPG file again.

Effective Solutions for Unplayable MPG Files

For Windows: To fix unplayable MPG files on Windows, try using the VLC media player. Right-click on the MPG file, select “Open with,” and choose VLC media player. If the file is still not playing, try converting it to a different format using a reliable video converter software.

For MacOS: On MacOS, try using the QuickTime Player to open the MPG file. If it still won’t play, convert the file to a different format using a video converter compatible with MacOS.

For Google Drive: If you’re trying to play an MPG file stored on Google Drive, download the file to your computer and try one of the solutions mentioned above.

For USB TV: If the MPG file is not playing on your USB TV, try connecting the USB to a computer and using VLC media player for playback. If that doesn’t work, consider converting the file to a different format that is compatible with your TV.

Converting MPG Files for Enhanced Compatibility

To convert MPG files for enhanced compatibility, you can easily use video converter software available for both Windows and MacOS. Simply download and install the software, then import the MPG file you want to convert. Choose the desired output format, such as MP4, which is widely supported on various devices and platforms.

If you prefer a more convenient solution, you can also upload the MPG file to Google Drive and use the built-in conversion tool to convert it to a compatible format. Once converted, you can download the file and play it on your preferred device without any issues.

For those looking to play MPG files on a USB TV, make sure the file format is supported by your TV. If not, convert the MPG file to a compatible format using the methods mentioned above before transferring it to your USB drive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my MPG file not playing?

Your MPG file may not be playing because there is no media player installed on your computer that supports the file type, which is common in Windows 8 and Windows 10. You may need to check and select the correct media player for MPG (MPEG-2) file playback options.

How do I play an MPG file?

To play an MPG file, you can use the built-in media players on both Mac and Windows systems such as Windows Media Player, Movies & TV App, and QuickTime Player.

How do I fix an MPG file?

To fix an MPG file, you can try opening it in different media players or converting it to a supported format. If the file was downloaded, try downloading it again from the original source.

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