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Fix Chrome Network Error 105 – (SOLVED)

Are you experiencing the Chrome network error 105 and looking for a solution? This article provides a step-by-step guide to help you resolve the issue.

Initial Error Diagnosis and Causes

When encountering a Chrome network error 105, the first step is to diagnose the issue and identify its causes. This error typically indicates a DNS resolution failure, preventing the browser from accessing the intended website.

To begin diagnosing the issue, check your internet connection to ensure it is stable and functional. If the connection is working properly, the next step is to examine the DNS settings on your computer.

Check the DNS settings to ensure they are configured correctly. Incorrect settings can lead to the network error 105 in Chrome. Additionally, consider disabling any proxy servers that may be interfering with the DNS resolution process.

Another potential cause of this error is antivirus or firewall software. These programs can sometimes block access to certain websites, leading to network errors in Chrome. Disable any antivirus or firewall temporarily to determine if they are the cause of the issue.

By carefully diagnosing the error and considering these potential causes, you can effectively address and resolve the Chrome network error 105.

Chrome Cleanup and Settings Adjustment

To fix Chrome Network Error 105, start by running a Chrome cleanup and adjusting the settings. This can help to resolve any software bugs or issues that may be causing the error. First, open Google Chrome and go to the settings menu by clicking on the three-dot icon in the top right corner. From there, select “Settings” and then “Advanced” to access additional options.

Next, navigate to the “Privacy and security” section and click on “Clear browsing data.” Here, you can choose to clear your browsing history, cookies, and cached images and files. This can help to clean up any potential issues that may be causing the network error.

If the error persists, consider adjusting your DNS settings. Go to your network settings and change the DNS server addresses to Google’s public DNS ( and to see if this resolves the issue.

Additionally, make sure that your antivirus software and firewall are not blocking Chrome’s access to the internet. You can also try disabling any proxy servers that may be interfering with the connection.

Network Equipment and Protocols Check

Network equipment and protocols interface

Equipment/Protocol Status
Router Working
Modem Working
Firewall Working
DNS server Working
HTTP protocol Working
HTTPS protocol Working
SSL/TLS protocol Working

Advanced Resolution Methods

To solve the Chrome Network Error 105, start by checking your internet connection and ensuring that your DNS server is not experiencing any issues. If the problem persists, you can try flushing your DNS cache by opening the Command Prompt and entering the command ipconfig /flushdns. This will clear the DNS resolver cache and may resolve the issue.

Another potential solution is to reset your TCP/IP settings by entering the command netsh int ip reset in the Command Prompt. This will reset the TCP/IP stack to its default state and may fix any underlying network issues causing the error.

If the error still persists, consider changing your DNS server to a public DNS service like Google’s Public DNS or OpenDNS. This can be done in your network adapter settings.

Additionally, ensure that your browser is up to date and free from any malware or adware that may be interfering with the network connection. Running a scan with antivirus software and a malware removal tool can help identify and remove any potential threats.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is error 105 in chromium?
Error 105 in Chromium is a memory leak issue that causes Google Chrome to continuously consume memory, leading to high CPU utilization. This can be triggered by an “infinite loop” or repetitive actions in the program.

What is connection failed error 105?
Connection failed error 105 occurs when the system is unable to connect to the seller, resulting in a refusal of the connection.

What is error 105 on Google?
Error 105 on Google is a DNS resolution error, indicating that the domain name of the host failed to resolve when trying to request a URL.

How do I fix error code 105?
To fix error code 105, you can try restarting your internet router, flushing your DNS, removing any adblocker from your computer, changing your DNS address, and updating your browser or Steam.

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